Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

How safe is your yard, stairway, driveway or garden area? Low voltage outdoor lighting could make those areas everything you want them to be. Do they bring a smile to your face every evening after sunset?

Low Voltage Lighting Kit

Money may be tight, but that is no reason to sacrifice the beauty and safety you desire around your home. There are inexpensive outdoor lighting systems that can be installed on your property in one weekend.

Some of the less expensive ones have a system that contain 6-10 fixtures that are attached to a wiring pole. You can stick these poles into the ground and after installing the underground cable and transformer, you have light. The transformer will be plugged into a GFCI outlet to ensure safety in case of a short or ground.

Low voltage outdoor lighting kits are available at most home stores to make the choices easier. They are simple to install and safe with the system requiring only 12 volts. This is the same as your car battery. There are a variety of fixture designs available to suit your preferred décor.

If you decide to buy the pieces individually, that can be done as well. This is helpful if you are lighting a large area or planning to expand your lighting system. It is important to buy a transformer that will handle the voltage of your proposed system.

In one weekend, you can use either a kit or individual pieces and install your lights. The digging of the trench is easy but will require the most labor.

There are some things you will need.

  1. Transformer, cables, wiring, timer and fixtures if you choose to buy individual pieces. A kit that contains these items if that is your choice.

  2. You will need a supply of soft straps or zip ties to mount the fixtures that will be on trees.

  3. Have a few wire nuts handy as well.

The low voltage outdoor lighting kits all come with easy to read directions. They will make it easy to install. The steps are simple. First you run your cable above ground. Dig your ditch. Attach the lights to the cable and stick the pikes into the ground. Your waterproof transformer that has been plugged into a 120-volt GFCI outlet will be your last step.

For more elaborate displays, there are other things to consider. Your transformer will transform your 120-volt home current to the 12 volt level that your system requires. After you design your system, calculate the size transformer you will need to accommodate your fixtures. You need to figure in the number of fixtures and the distance from the transformer to the end of the system.

If you are placing the lights in a grassy area, you will be happier if you save the grass plugs to replace the areas that you have to dig out. Water them thoroughly and pamper them for a few weeks. Your area will be as good as new.

Be careful when you place the spikes into the ground. Do not cut the cable with the spikes. Plastic ties that are used to attach your light fixtures to a tree can be covered with artificial foliage to cover the straps.

If changing from a standard 120 volt to a 12 volt outdoor lighting system seems puzzling to you, consider the benefits. 12 volt outdoor and landscape lighting are safer than a 120 volt. That is where the benefits begin.
12 Volt Outdoor Lighting

Some people still hesitate using the outdoor lighting transformer, one of the greatest inventions of our time. It is hard to say exactly what the problem is, but perhaps we can put your concerns to rest.

See this article by guest writer Ora Lee Gurr at Lighting Makes Life Better

Installing a low voltage outdoor lighting transformer is what allows beautiful lighting at night around pathways and huge gardens without blowing your utility bills.

There are many reasons for installing a low voltage outdoor lighting kit in the yard and two of the largest reasons are safety, security, and highlighting your yards special features. There is absolutely nothing vain about wanting to feature the lovely bronze statue near the azalea, even if it is one o'clock in the morning.
Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting Kit

Malibu low voltage outdoor lighting benefits for your landscaping, outdoor lighting, commercial lighting, recessed lighting, and transformers.

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