Outdoor Rope Lighting

You can exercise your creativity and your design talents fully with outdoor rope lighting. Many of us have seen it twirled around the trunk of a tree or light post at the mall or a favorite restaurant. Those uses alone show how decorative it can be. Imagine the possibilities with a modicum of skill and a little imagination.

Solar Rope Lights

One of the latest types of lighting is solar rope lights, created by wiring a number of LED bulbs together and encasing them in durable, yet soft, plastic tubing.

These flexible ropes are perfect for decorating patio and lawn furniture such as garden swings. Design a star and bell using either round or flat rope and position one in the upper part of each side of the frame. Install the solar panel where it will capture the most sun as early in the day as possible. Place the panel so it is not a tripping hazard or potential victim to the lawnmower.

Red, White and Blue Rope lighting Neon Multi-Color Rope Lights Home Decorated with Rope Lighting

Electrical Rope Lights

There are two basic safety rules to follow with this type of rope. If it is powered by electricity, keep it away from water. The second rule is common to all cables, involving a caution to secure it rather than have it dangling or loose in an area where it is a tripping hazard.

Ropes are marked in different measurements for cutting. For instance, 120 volt half-inch rope has a cutting mark every 18 inches, while 120 volt Chasing 3-wire is marked ever 36 inches. Some companies mark by the meter. Measure accordingly before placing an order.

The advantage of rope wiring is that there are no wires to tangle together. Other positive features include reliability and low power consumption.

Creating with Rope Lighting

Do you have steps leading to the house or gazebo, or pathways through the garden or yard? Line the way with outdoor rope lights on each side. They are excellent resources for recessed lighting.

Weather-resistant LED rope lighting is available in a variety of colors, including basic white. Blue and purple are colors for any season. Celebrate Halloween with delightful orange. Add a length of yellow to update the color scheme for Thanksgiving.

Other colors include green, red and purple. Watch for light ropes that twinkle or blink, as they are a very eye-catching decoration.

Purchase a new power cord cable to connect to the 120 volt wire. Then it is ready to plug into a standard outlet. The LED lights have a lifespan of more than a hundred-thousand hours, so the small amount of cost and time put into any outdoor rope lighting display will return years of service and beautiful decor.

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