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Natural gas outdoor lighting is a viable alternative to electric lighting. There are several advantages to natural gas lighting that you may not have thought of.

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Fixtures usually have two mantels. They will total about a sixty-watt bulb. It is a softer light than you will have with electric bulbs. This will help to keep insects away from your entertainment area or walkways and increase the length of time you can stay on your patio. It will also be a great help around your barbecue or at your pool or spa.

Some gaslights have daytime dimmers that will save you money on your natural gas usage. It is a light that is barely there during the day and rises to a lovely soft glow as the sun sets.

Style is important. Natural gas outdoor lighting can be a tiki torch at your poolside or an historic gaslight that can take you and your guests back in time. It all depends on your personal preference and of course, your budget. Antique brass or chrome can be the metal of choice in your fixture. They have a traditional look and can be used anywhere you want them to add light to your garden.

The main purposes of this type of natural gas outdoor lighting are to provide a method of light and warmth with a traditional ambiance. Some things must be considered before you choose gas lighting. First, you need to consider if you want the source to be the available lines that serve your home or do you prefer a separate source.

The style of lighting would be the next decision. Are you a traditional or contemporary stylist? Consider dimmers to enable you to alter the brightness of the light, depending on the occasion. As you choose your layout, consider incorporating gas lights for some and other energy sources for others. You will need to decide if all of your gas lights are connected or independent. How many gas lines will you have to have to accomplish your lighting?

Natural gas outdoor lighting is an alternative. You also need to consider your budget. It will be necessary to take into consideration the gas cost and maintenance of the lights. There have been many who use the gas lights as added ambiance, with electric being the main style of lighting. It depends on your personal taste and your budget.

Perhaps a few gas lights around the barbecue or your spa would be advantageous due to their not drawing insects and not creating shadows. You can set the mood for the area you have in mind.

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