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Progress outdoor lighting enhances the warm, comfortable atmosphere you desire, whether you want to read a book on the patio, listen to music, or eat and talk with your friends or family.

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Many people enjoy customizing their home, both indoor and outdoor, to their liking. When you’re winding down from a hard day at work or relaxing after a fun day with friends, you want to be surrounded in a pleasant atmosphere. Therefore, how you choose to decorate your home is very important.

The first step you should take when customizing your Progress outdoor lighting is to start with the front of the house. According to lighting expert Toby Boyd, beginning with the front of the house guides you through the customizing process, because the first thing guests notice when they visit is the front of the home. It is also the last thing they see when they leave.

Remember to take your entire yard into consideration. Do you have trees or bushes? Do you have flowers planted? What type of trees and flowers do you have? What sort of pathway do you have leading to your home? Every little aspect of your yard should be taken into consideration. Determine if there is anything in particular you want to emphasize.

Illuminating the entry way to your home is important not only for aesthetic reasons, but for safety. It is recommended to stagger the lights on each side of the walkway, so that you don’t have what is referred to as the “airport runway look.” However, if you like that look, then go for it.

How you customize your yard is meant to please yourself most of all. Progress Outdoor Lighting has diverse outdoor lights to help you achieve your goal so that your home not only feels more welcoming to you, but stands out in your neighborhood. Depending on what theme you want to project, the size, style, and lighting color varies.

Surprisingly, when choosing outdoor lights, size is just as important as style and color. A general rule is if only one fixture is being used at the entrance, it should be one-third the height of the door. If two fixtures are being used at the entrance, make each one-quarter the size of the door. Keep in mind this is only a suggestion. The size you desire is your choice.

Style of the outdoor lighting system is obviously important, because everyone has a unique sense of style that shows in various aspects, such as clothing, furniture, and even personality. Maybe you have a flamboyant sense of style and desire bright lights. Or perhaps you are more reserved and desire a classy sense of style in your yard. Generally, a more simplified style is being used to light up yards. Whichever style you’re going for, Progress Outdoor Lighting can help you accomplish it.

Another trend that can be seen in our society is using energy-efficient items. If you’re one of those people who are looking to use energy-efficient lights, consider using CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) bulbs. Using CFL bulbs requires decisions about shape, color, and light output. The shape is only an important decision, when the bulb can be seen. However, many fixtures hide the shape of the bulb by using different glass patterns, such as frosted, antique distressed, seeded, and many others.

If the light cast by CFL bulbs is not appealing to you, another option is to use low-voltage halogen systems to still conserve energy. Don’t forget to consider daylight sensors and timers to be energy-efficient. Energy-efficient bulbs have the same multifarious options in style as non energy-efficient bulbs, so it is recommended to use energy-efficient Progress outdoor lighting.

When choosing your outdoor lights, keep in mind seeing what the lights do at night is more important than during the day. It is recommended that you consult a lighting showroom for help, since it is difficult to do it yourself, especially if you don’t know much about outdoor lighting.

Just bring pictures of your yard and discuss what areas you would like to stand out and any colors you may want used. Don’t forget to use CFL or low-voltage halogen lights if conserving energy is important to you.

Progress Lighting has earned the reputation for having the #1 decorative lighting line among Builders and Remodelers among other awards and recognition. Therefore, no matter what you desire, Progress Outdoor Lighting offers diverse choices to fit your home and preferences.

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