Outdoor Hanging Candle Lanterns

Family and friends can enjoy the sunset and the pursuing evening with the help of outdoor hanging candle lanterns. They are a great way to add flair and style to your event. With the addition of insect repellent candles, you can add even more enjoyment to the evening. Keeping the bugs away has definite advantages.

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Lanterns have been lighting the way for people for centuries. Cavemen used them and during biblical times people depended on candles and lanterns for light. It is even said that Abraham Lincoln did his homework by candlelight. They can still do it. Outdoor activities do not have to stop when the sun goes down.

Most candle lanterns are constructed of wrought iron, copper or other metals. They can easily withstand the test of time. Prices cover a wide variety of cost from about ten dollars to hundreds. Your budget is one of the important factors to consider. It may be necessary to utilize your current lighting with the lanterns rather than expect them to be a sole source of light. You can save money by placing the outdoor hanging candle lanterns just out of the reach of your back porch light.

Styles are available to fit just about any decor or outdoor activity. Compact rustic styles are great for camping trips or backpacking. They can light up your campsite with insect repellent candles and allow you to totally enjoy the great outdoors for the evening and into night.

If rustic is not in your plan, there are other very stylish candle lanterns that can be very elegant. With fine detailing and an ornate appearance, they will give you a "wow" factor at any event. They can also be used as decorations at weddings and other social events.

Simple, contemporary styles are also available. You can find an assortment of outdoor hanging candle lanterns that will have simple clean lines and add a great impact to your stylish decor. The glow from the candles is soft and warming. It tends to be a calming and pleasing glow that surrounds both you and your guests.

Perfect for decks, patios or pools, they will work for everyday or for special occasions. They can illuminate a doorway or stairs and provide a modest amount of safety. The shapes vary from ball, square, rectangle and octagonal. Created from fireproof metals and materials they are very safe. Most will have a mirror at the bottom to enhance the amount of light from the candles.

Sizes of outdoor hanging candle lanterns vary from small enough to accommodate a tea light or large enough to handle pillar type candles or votives. They can come with doors for easy candle replacement or tops that may be removable. The sides of the lantern can be etched glass, stained glass or metal silhouettes of different features of nature.

You can carry the theme of your garden to accentuate your personal taste. There are lanterns shaped like buildings, birds' nests and just about any other design you can imagine.

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