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Lowes outdoor lighting will add much more to your home than just light. It will add beauty, security and safety as well. Your plan should start with a pencil and paper. By laying out a lighting plan with every area of your yard included, you will have a head start on the selection and installation.

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Highlight areas which may be difficult to navigate at night; and while doing this, note the highlights of your landscape. You can decide where to place the lighting with that information.

Don't forget your house numbers. Visitors will appreciate being able to identify your home. You can enhance your pool area and your patio or deck. Dining areas can have quiet subtle lighting to enhance any dinner.

Once you have your plan outlined, place the fixtures you plan to use on the plan. Variety is important. You can incorporate different styles of lighting and different energy sources.

With the completed plot in hand, consult with the code office in your community. There are some ordinances that prohibit certain lighting that would impose upon neighbors, and others that require permits before digging to lay wiring. Once that is done, begin your measuring. Draw all of the property from the distant property lines to your home. Indicate every curve, walkway, flowerbeds and anything else that may get in your way.

Calculate your wattage before buying your cable. Consulting with your Lowes outdoor lighting professionals at your home improvement store can guide you along the path to proper wiring size. They can also advise as to the proper fixtures for different areas of your landscape.

If you are not a seasoned DIYer, you may consider hiring an electrician to install the wiring and hook the lines up to your power source. Electricity is dangerous and caution needs to be used. Be sure to turn your power off before you hook the wires up to your transformer.

Low voltage lighting is economical to operate and relatively inexpensive to buy. They are safe and movable. With automatic timers they can be programmed to turn on and off at will. It is also safer in areas that have water features such as fountains or ponds.

You may also want to consider solar lighting in your yard. They are easier to install because they require no electricity. The additional savings of not having an electrician install it, may allow you to purchase more expensive fixtures and light up more of your yard. Whatever your choice, it will be beautiful.

Post lights, recessed lights, stake lights and wall-mounted lights will all add beauty, security and safety to your home and yard. You can use candle light or electric light. It all depends on where you are planning to use the fixtures. Candle lights may be best suited for your dining tables, while recessed lighting installed in your deck will be out of the way for you and all of your guests.

Lowes outdoor lighting department has a large variety of light fixtures and also has trained professionals to assist you in your selection. Their recommendations can save you money and time.

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