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Installing a low voltage outdoor lighting transformer is what allows beautiful lighting at night around pathways and huge gardens without blowing your utility bills. Instead of drawing 120 volts, the transformer reduces the power down to 12 volts. A series of lights can run from the same length of cable and provide lighting where you want it.

Just like anything that uses electricity, there is a maximum draw. Once exceeded, the fuse will blow or the circuit breaker trips. Business owners generally have a professional service set up to maintain their system. Many homeowners decide to take on this project as a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) weekend event.

There is a mathematical formula for calculating the number and type of lights handled by each transformer, which is available at various sites on the internet or available at your local home improvement store.

The calculations are important. They provide the most important thing which is the required wattage. To calculate the wattage required by the transformer, add up the wattage of all attached accessories and features. The maximum load should not exceed 80% of the transformers rated capacity.

It is important to remember that different lights have different power requirements and that one low voltage outdoor lighting transformer may be perfect for some lights while others require a different unit. Some of the reasons for popularity are:


As people age, it is harder to see where shade or shadow reduces the light. The utter darkness of night is another problem. Place lights six to ten feet apart for best effect. Family and friends appreciate the opportunity to move around the property in a safe manner.

The cables are not in the way, which avoids the risk of tripping. Those who do the installation appreciate the easy layout when putting cable in the yard, as well as the safety features.

Children and pets are a part of many homes. Remove the chance of electrical shock to both when the voltage changes so dramatically. If landscape lighting is installed around your business, you will appreciate it, as well. Children running through the gardens will be safer thanks to the low voltage landscape lighting transformer, which removes much of the danger of shock if they encounter the lighting system.

Community Concern:

Green business practices are becoming more prominent with each new way to conserve energy use discovered. Using a low voltage outdoor lighting transformer around the company building reduces power costs, making the CFO happy, and reduces the amount of power used by the business, demonstrating the community concern that is generally part of a business statement. These same power-saving attributes apply to individuals within the community as well.


As technology becomes more sophisticated, features improve to make tasks easier. Some transformers are equipped with photometric timers that let lighting systems turn on when darkness nears and shut off automatically when daylight returns.

Protecting the components of the low voltage landscape lighting transformer from rain, snow and intense sun requires waterproof enclosures and durable aluminum housing. Your low voltage outdoor lighting transformer faces voltage surges as well as many various environmental conditions. Quality materials and construction assure a long, energy-saving life.

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