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When you have a nice home, outdoor lighting, such as Malibu low voltage outdoor lighting, is very important. The thing with outdoor lighting is not just that it looks attractive, although it most certainly does.

Malibu outdoor lighting not only looks attractive, but it also provides some practical advantages, such as creating effective lighting when it’s dark so that you can see exactly where you are going and do not risk any nasty spills.

Outdoor lighting can be grouped into several categories, each with a slightly different twist on the kind of outdoor lighting that is available to you as a consumer.

Low Voltage

Malibu low voltage outdoor lighting comes with several benefits. This is the perfect answer to situations when you are trying to find ways to elegantly light up a walkway, a patio or a garden. At the same time, outdoor lighting of the low voltage variety is also practical since it illuminates, thereby providing an added measure of security to your property and residence.

This type of lighting is seeing greater and greater popularity in the U.S., and it is also quite effective when it comes to being energy efficient. As a result, you can save a good deal of money as an altrnative to line voltage outdoor lighting. This kind of lighting comes with automatic timers, which are great if you want to save some money and time.


The good thing with landscape lighting is that it contributes just a tad of color to one’s garden. Besides of this neat feature, Malibu outdoor landscape lighting is also perfect for providing security to the exterior of your house.

The best part of this is that it is possible to install lights to virtually any landscape design. For example, the installation of solar lights to either your backyard or your front yard is easy to do. The addition of these solar lights will improve security in and around the exterior of your house because of the illumination.

However, when you install these Malibu low voltage outdoor lighting options, you get the bonus of how they beautify the exterior of your home. For example, landscape lighting works wonders in a rock garden or flowerbeds.

Bollard Lights

Bollard lights are a type of Malibu low voltage outdoor lighting that some people likely are not totally familiar with. You may have seen these lights, noticed them and thought to yourself how interesting they look, but you might have never determined what they were called.

Basically, a bollard light is a piece of outdoor, architectural lighting that is defined by its appearance: It is normally upright, short and mounted right on the ground.

It is a type of light that is utilized mainly for offering cutoff-type illumination to steps, walkways and other kinds of paths. One way that you can be sure that you are looking at a bollard light is if its fixture gives off illumination from the top of the fixture or out by way of the sides.


In essence, floodlights are artificial lights that can offer even distribution of illumination over a wide area of space. It is common for high-powered light bulbs to be utilized since Malibu low voltage outdoor lighting of this sort can illuminate a wide area of space.

These lights are usually installed in a location permanently, and they require a great deal of electricity to power. Floodlights are ideal for use if they are intended to highlight the exterior of buildings.

If you are using floodlights, say, in your garden, you can use them to highlight the façade of your house or other areas of your backyard or even your front yard. When you are choosing a site for your floodlights, be sure to also think about factors like maintaining them and how much power you will need to power them up.

Path or Walk Lights

Malibu low voltage outdoor lighting is the way to go when you are in need of path lights or walk lights to illuminate your walkways around your property. Malibu is, after all, the most popular outdoor landscape lighting brand, and it has held this distinction for nearly 40 years with regard to improving the beauty, the safety and the security of homes in the U.S.

Path lights or walk lights are more popular than ever these days, and a big reason for that is that people spend an increasing amount of their time in their backyard.

Malibu low voltage outdoor lighting for pathways and walkways provides a twofold benefit. First, it naturally increases the beauty and the ambiance of a homeowner’s outdoor space. Second , it brings a practical benefit of both increasing security around a homeowner’s property and reducing the chance for accidents to happen.


Of course, your nice and attractive Malibu low voltage outdoor lighting options will mean nothing without an appropriate transformer to lower the voltage to a safer level so that homeowners can enjoy their lighting solutions.

The transformers are usually included with Malibu outdoor landscape lighting kits so that homeowners can safely install the lights themselves on their own property. Still, any given transformer is going to have its limits when it comes to the very important consideration of wattage.

As a result, when you are using your outdoor lights, you have to be quite careful to ensure that you are not utilizing lights that have too great a wattage.

For instance, if you have a 60-watt transformer, you can have a combination of 6 10-watt light bulbs or 3 20-watt lamps, but it is recommended that transformers have a capacity of 125% of the initial load. Then you will not be overloading the system when you add an extra light or two at a later time. Local codes often require this.

As you can see, the use of Malibu low voltage outdoor lighting means that you have a lot of things to consider. Outdoor lights basically provide great touches of color and décor to your yard, yet they also provide practical benefits like safety and a reduced risk of accidents occurring. If you do not overload your transformer, you can enjoy a nicely lit exterior for as long as you like.

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