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For what reasons would you use solar outdoor security lighting to protect your home?

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Actual studies have revealed that most burglary incidents happen to homes that do not have nightlights or any form of security lighting at night. The reason is clearly logical. Burglars will seldom attack and rob homes in daylight or in areas that are well-lighted during the night.

With this said, homeowners are now highly encouraged to invest in outdoor security lighting and to keep them on during the evening, whether they are on the premises or not. So you might now ask, what makes solar outdoor security lighting different from the conventional lights that you use at home?

The most striking difference is that outdoor security lights are motion activated. This means that they are not turned on like conventional lighting but instead are activated with motion.

This motion activation is what makes outdoor security lighting very effective in deterring burglars. If you were a stranger outside the house, you will not know that there is outdoor security lighting until you actually activate the lights. This will definitely catch any one who's attempting to trespass and steal from your property, red-handed.

Today, as environmental issues such as carbon emissions and global warming get more and more real, people are now more conscious about the amount of electricity that they use everyday, and this includes the use of security lighting which must be turned on for the entire duration of the night. Hence, some manufacturers have now come up with the ingenious idea of solar powered outdoor security lighting.

Solar outdoor security lighting makes use of the sun's light for power. Over the day, energy is harvested through a number of solar panels, converted into electrical energy and stored inside a battery. During night time, the lights are now turned on using the energy harvested from the sun during the day.

Typical solar outdoor security lighting is made using a passive infrared motion detector, a solar panel, a light bulb and batteries. The infrared motion detector serves to trigger the light once movement is detected. Movement is usually monitored at a thorough 180 degree angle, over a distance raging from 10 to 2 meters - depending on the model.

Some models also allow you to adjust the sensitivity of the motion detector, which is recommended for those who have pets in the house who may be moving around the property during at night. Lighting periods for the light bulb can also be adjusted to your discretion, automatically turning off after the set time with no motion detected.

The light bulb is usually a 5 volt halogen bulb but there are now newer LED versions appearing in the market. Some models also have sound warnings - which you can opt to turn on or off.

The last remaining parts are the solar panels and the batteries, both of which are used for energy harvesting and are used to power the light during night time. The most important concern for solar outdoor security lights is to position the panels in areas that are well light during the entire day to maximize energy harvesting. Energy converted to power is usually stored in a 6 volt rechargeable battery while the newer LED bulbs usually make use of the smaller AA rechargeable types.

Solar outdoor security lighting actually offers a number of advantages compared to the electrically powered lights. First off, solar powered outdoor security can work independent of any electrical power source. This is because it does not need electricity to work. This means that you can cut a few dollars off your electricity bills, and still get to have the security that outdoor security lights offer.

And because you do not need to worry about any electrical wiring, then you can put those security lights practically anywhere around the house. This gives you a lot of placement versatility, something that you cannot get in the usual outdoor security lights. Whether on porches, backyards, lamp posts, sidewalks - you'll never have to worry about finding a source to power your security lights.

For those who are just as concerned about that carbon footprint that they leave on the environment as much as they are about their safety, then solar powered outdoor security lighting is the best choice to make.

Electricity consumption has always been one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas and decreasing the amount that your household emits into the environment by simply making use of solar energy to power your solar outdoor security lighting will be a contribution in itself.

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