Preparing for Outside Christmas Lights This Fall

How many times in the winter have you driven by a spectacular display of outside Christmas lights and thought about how nice it would be to have something like that at your place? Perhaps this is the year to make a commitment to that thought. Instead of looking around the yard and getting discouraged when it seems overwhelming, make strategy count by planning in sections on paper first.

Begin by walking around the yard with a digital camera taking pictures of the yard and house. Outbuildings, fences, statues and other standing objects like fences or trees like close-up pics so it is easier to place their likeness on the map. This can be a map on the computer for those who like to crop pictures and create areas or it can be a handcrafted item on a large sheet of butcher paper. Use cutouts from the pictures you print out from the computer.

Now is the time to decide your own preferences with any kind of display. Do you want some cheerful twinkling gleams or a perpetual motion sprinkle of fountain lights? Consider what the other neighbors put up each season and of course, read the guidelines from the Homeowners Association, if they are part of your neighborhood. Now put a small identifying mark on five things you want to shine this coming holiday season.

Even nice areas have the any-age brats who get a big kick out of destroying beautiful displays. Ask the suspected culprit about earning some extra money by helping decorate the areas you have designated. The word will go out to avoid those creations, because few people like to see their own work destroyed. Two workers make the load lighter and checking wires, connections and bulbs on older displays done quickly, freeing time to shop for the remaining items needed.

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