Cheerful Outdoor Christmas Tree Lights

Outdoor Christmas Tree Lights are much more fun than they used to be. Color used to be the thing that invited everyone to take a second look. Now, even artfully designed white lights receive comments and second glances.

The important thing is not to flood the neighborhood with so much light that aircraft wonder if there is a new runway open in your area. Every year there is an article or two about Homeowners Associations or neighbors filing suit to alleviate the all-night large outdoor Christmas tree lights of a light enthusiast that got carried away.

Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida came by an incredible display of Christmas lights as the result of such an issue. The Osmond Christmas lights are incredible. There are over a million lights in the collection and the Disney-MGM Studios adopted the theme after the family had to take it down. If you have seen the attraction, you can readily understand why it is essential to plan.

Whether you fancy old-fashioned bubble lights, twinkling multi-color lights, LED lights or incredible blue icicles hanging from the gutters, the choice is available for you. If you have distant areas where it is unsafe to run electrical cords, solar powered christmas tree lights are a great option.

There are two important things to remember when thinking about solar outdoor Christmas tree lights. One is that the solar panel has to be in an area where it receives light to recharge. The stake that fits so nicely in the ground during the fall and holds the charger is nice until a foot of snow buries the solar collector and it can no longer recharge.

Select the area based on your weather. Sometimes securing it higher on the fence is better than the ground. The other is that solar light collectors will be at the store early and the solar powered christmas lights might sell out quickly. Be at the store early to ensure you get a set, because often they are a one-time offer. Gates, fences, mailboxes, shrubs, lampposts: there is no end to solar decorating, and if you choose, you can leave them up for the year.

Retro is back in style and large bulb outdoor Christmas tree lights are making a reappearance. Mingle them with icicles on the gutter or string them around the chimney. What a festive look the large bulbs make in your pine tree and the large ornaments add to a daytime warm feeling when visitors pass by your yard.

Try to stick with one theme. This will be difficult when you consider the seasonal pathway lights. Lit giant candy canes, wrapped gifts and snowmen line the paths with light and provide safety as well as decoration. Outdoor Christmas tree lights outside your theme are hard to resist. Just do not get carried away. Put them in another area you want to decorate.

A popular look is the Christmas string tree. Set a pole in the ground and hang the ascending spiral of lights. It drops down to form the shape of a decorated tree, sans tree. Some have colored lights and others feature white lights. They are beautiful and come in many sizes. The cords usually allow another tree to plug in, so you have a minimal number of extension cords. Enjoy the holiday spectacular.

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