Motion Sensor Outdoor Lighting

Before choosing motion sensor outdoor lighting, it will be necessary to see what your needs are. They save on energy and are available from dusk until dawn. They are easy to install and are very beneficial for safety and security.

Some points to consider:

Dorcy LED Wireless Motion Sensor Flood-Lite
  1. Having a light that illuminates when there is someone on your property will increase your security. Most burglars become uncomfortable when they are confronted by lighting on the target property. This is a positive for you and big negative for the thief.
  2. If you work late or have an evening engagement, installing motion sensor outdoor lighting will provide you with a safe walk from your vehicle to your door.
  3. There is little doubt that they are convenient. There is no need to search for a switch. It is more cost effective to have the lights on only when they are needed. The newer styles have features that will allow you to have your lights on dimly every evening. They will only get bright when there is motion detected.

On the negative side, if you are in an area that has critters crawling around on your property, they will activate the light as well. If you are a light sleeper, that can be very annoying. If there are neighbors, the problem increases.

There are many options in the motion detector market. The usual light senses movement between 90-360 degrees. If this is not suitable for you, you can block that area with black tape or by putting convenient blinders beside the sensor. You can also count on motion being detected from 30-70 feet.

You can adjust the time the light stays on if you choose. Most motion sensor outdoor lighting units will allow you to adjust how long the light stays on after it is triggered.

It is also possible that the sensor is too sensitive. A bird flying by or a tree limb swaying in the breeze can trigger the light and be very annoying. In most cases there isn't much you can do about that except get a system that is not a motion detector type system.

Be certain that the chosen system allows the type of light bulb you will need. Some systems do not handle fluorescent light bulbs.

It is possible to select the exact style of light fixtures to suit your decorating needs. There are styles that are wall mounted as well as those that stake into the ground. You can outline a path or your patio with minimal installation problems. if you have some that are battery operated, you can install them without the need for a professional electrician.

If you are using the lighting around your deck, you may want to choose the styles that will allow you to have a soft glow continuously and only brighten when you choose for it to do so. This will allow you to step out on to your deck at any time without having to search for a light switch. It will be necessary to do some research on the different types of motion sensor outdoor lighting that is available before choosing.

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