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Perhaps you have encountered an episode of walking past someone's fence at night and suddenly being flooded in bright lights from motion sensor outdoor lighting. There is no need to panic in most cases. Chances are good that installed motion sensor security system plans neglected to consider the impact on other people.

As far as security and safety features go, outdoor motion sensor lighting is a perfect solution to providing light on demand when it is dark outside and hard to see. This feature also saves on power bills because the lights are set to turn on only when needed.

The benefit of not fumbling for a light switch when your hands are full of groceries is one of the best reasons for home security motion detectors. Planning involves deciding why you want outdoor motion lights, where to put them and how much light you desire in each area. After you jot down the plans, consider how outdoor motion sensor lighting will affect its surroundings.

A floodlight illuminating the bedroom in the middle of the night when the dog walks across the back yard is not a good idea. Sneaky people do not like light showing their silhouette or actual self. It is easier to walk past a well-lit home or office with a motion sensor security system to one that is not as prepared to help legitimate people find their way to the door safely.

If there are dark areas around your home and other buildings, lights that come on with motion will allow you to see what is in the way. Some supermarkets have motion sensor lights inside their rows of frozen foods. As a customer moves along the aisles, the light comes on to display what is available in a particular unit. Once past, the light goes back to twilight mode.

Motion sensor outdoor lighting adds security while eliminating the need to worry about shutting the light off. The lights turn off after a certain amount of time, ready to activate when needed.

There are a number of different motion sensor outdoor lighting units available. Read the installation instructions first and talk to the assistants at the hardware store. Chances are good that other customers have provided feedback on the ease or complexity of installation of home security motion detectors.

Some of the wireless lighting units are not as simple as they sound and even the hardwired units can prove to be a challenge to install for the non-handyman. An alarm feature is not always welcome, so decide on value of extra features before you purchase additional lighting.

Outdoor stairways are good candidates for outdoor motion lights. Solar powered motion sensor lighting fixtures, mounted on the building to provide light when needed, is much more economical than a porch light that will shine until the last person using the stairway arrives home.

It is quite irksome to leave for work in the morning and notice a floodlight or porch light is still glowing. That worry disappears when programmed lights turn on when detecting motion and turn off after the motion stops and no further motion occurs for a preset time.

Security reasons suggest motion sensor outdoor lighting in any area that invites unwanted guests to lurk or hide. Safety reasons encourage the same type of economical lighting to prevent accidental falls or tripping. Evaluate your needs and act accordingly. Light on demand is a win-win situation.

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