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Safety while walking around the yard at night is one of the reasons Malibu outdoor lights are so popular. A loose rock or a bike left out can trip someone quickly. Security is yet another factor, because mischief-makers prefer to do their work under cover of darkness.

Pride in certain features of the yard that look spectacular with highlights at night is an additional reason, while energy efficiency and economic operation presents another.

Eco-friendly Malibu low voltage outdoor lighting makes your landscape beautiful, adds to home value and is a fantastic way to provide security to the area around your home. Installation is quick and easy, a benefit for many people who only deal with DIY projects occasionally. The connector and lights, designed to install in an hour or less, come with easy to follow directions.

Quality metal construction is one of the best things about the tier lights. A lot of us have multilevel gardens and built-up areas that look fantastic when arranging these multilevel lamps to show the beauty of the Irish moss or geraniums. The design is sturdy without taking away from the classic beauty of each level.

Sometimes pets will wander through the garden at night and these posts remain in place instead of getting knocked down. Copper and sand are two of the most popular finished colors.

Think of a rounded old-fashioned microphone and you get the idea of what bollard lights look like. Display these sleek and subtle lights in plant beds or paths, directing the light towards the low level of the ground.

LED is new to the premium metal lineup, with the ever-stylish 10 to 20 watt halogen still available. The sleek bollard design adds low-profile illumination along paths and plant beds. That allows the landscape lighting from Malibu to remain at a low profile while it increases the illuminated area.

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