GE LED Christmas Lights

Department and hardware stores officially light up, often with GE LED Christmas lights. Each season now the trend is to add holiday cheer and color to the yard for almost any occasion.

Since the bulbs are so easy to change, colors are adapted to the holiday, such as purple and orange for Halloween and red and white for Valentine's Day. It is very easy to get inspired when so many ideas surround us while shopping.

The indoor/outdoor purple, orange, green, red and blue lights that accompany the 100 pack of holiday tree lights with multi colors are inexpensive to run, thanks to LED efficiency. A pet and kid safety feature is that the bulbs stay cool, in case the urge to touch it becomes reality. They are resistant to breakage; replace the bulbs when they burn out.

Good news, by the way, is that the rest of your ge christmas lights keep working in the meantime. The total length of the cord is 34 feet and the lighted length is 33 feet. Connect the same set up to twenty-five times, creating a remarkable display if you choose to go that route.

The General Electric christmas lights with outside icicle lighting design started several years ago and the designs keep improving every year! Santa's Best Craft Import Micro Icicle Style 100 LED Light Set comes in cool white. Inspire the neighborhood with the clever way the icicles run down the gutter and up any other eaves on the roof.

With 100 LED bulbs spaced 5 inches apart, 10 feet 8 inches of lighted length is available for outdoor use. Connect up to twenty-five of the same set, stand back and admire the view. Bright and beautiful, they are also well constructed and durable. Easy to install gutter clips are included. The only concern is not having enough strings, so measure first before placing your order.

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