Christmas Mini Lights
for Year-Round Accent Lighting

It never matters what season it is because Christmas mini lights are perfect outside decorations any time of year. Perhaps it depends on a person's mood or the weather, but some days the beautiful white lights running through palm trees and olive trees are the best thing for making everyone happy.

Another day might bring smiles and gasps of admiration because of the different colors of reds, blues and greens splayed on a low hedge. The ever-popular twinkles are evident in another location.

When you think about decorating for any event the chances are good that you are going to consider using the scene again or perhaps leaving it up year-round. If that is the case, consider these decorative little treasures because they are ideal for any type of landscaping, poles and fences in the yard and very economical to operate.

It is important not to go overboard because too much of a good thing dampens the enthusiasm with which everyone greets it. In addition, most families do the setup themselves and sometimes it turns out to be one or two with the staying power to see the project through.

If you are one of the lucky ones with lots of bushes, shrubs, hedges and short trees, you can do a lot of setup this year with very little effort. The solution is net lights that go over a bush and are threaded through some of the branches to vary the results.

Economical to run, up to 3 sets of the nets can be connected and plugged into a single outlet. The amp draw is low and the fuses will not blow nor will the circuit breakers trip. In a short amount of time, your yard will feature an incredible festive display. That provides the opportunity to tackle some of the other projects for the season.

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