Wild Grass Solar Garden Lights. 3 Sprigs of 1.2 Foot Tall Grass

by Donald

Solar powered Grass Lights add attractive accent lighting to any garden.

Just place them in the garden and let the Sun charge them so they light up at dark every night automatically.

The grass strands can be formed into different shapes.

Manufacturer Stats:
  • 1.2' tall, 1' wide each sprig of grass when spreaded. 3 sprigs makes 2'

  • Automaticly lights up in the evening & turns off during the day.

  • 2V/80 mAH solar panel. One day in the sun lights up the whole evening.

  • Rechargable Ni-MH AAA 600 mAH battery.

  • Before using, the Solar Panel Need 3-Days exposure to the Sun in OFF mode to perform the Best.

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