Solar Deck Post Lights

Solar deck post lights can protect your deck from rotting or weathering. You can also provide solar lighting without attracting swarms of bugs into your plan. With properly placed post lights, you will also make being on your deck safer and provide extra security for your home.

Moonrays Solar Deck Post Lights

Decks play an important part in the enjoyment of our homes. They are places to relax, entertain or display our unique decorating talents. They can be a showcase for your special plants in the warmer months and seasonal decorations during the holidays.

The best part of your deck is the ability to use it any time of the day or night. It seems wasteful to spend thousands of dollars on a deck that can only be used during the daylight hours.

The added options that are available now include stylish fixtures and solar power. Solar deck post lights give you the lighting you want with nothing more than the original cost of the fixture.

Each fixture contains rechargeable batteries that will turn the light on at dusk and burn for 8-10 hours. The lights are a great safety feature. Walkways and stairways are much safer when there are lights to illuminate them and guarantee sure footing. The lights also provide more security during dark hours. All the features are plus features.

Installation can be as easy as attaching the fixture to the post with several screws. There is no need for electricians, maintenance people or a degree in engineering. Just a screw driver and your beautiful new fixture will be needed.

Styles of deck post lights vary from eclectic to modern. You can have the assurance of stability with the aluminum construction and creativity. While there are fixtures made of wood or plastic, there are more stable ones made of aluminum that will not rot. They are there for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Another choice is the color of the lights. You can have amber lights instead of the bright blue/white light if you trying to set a more subtle mood to your entertainment area. Solar lighting does not equal the output of low voltage lighting but you will not have to spend money on electricity or installation. There are no unsightly wires that need to be attached or transformers that will need to be bought.

Solar lighting can also be used in addition to other lighting. You may choose to have additional lighting around your railing or imbedded in your deck. This will give you the option of using all or just part of your light features.

Posts around your deck, along your stairway or at the end of your driveway are ideal locations for solar deck post lighting. It is a warm greeting for your family and visitors and a safety feature as well. Use them as you would any other light or as accent lighting in areas that are special to you.

Many styles of solar deck post lights are available online and at your neighborhood home stores.

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