Regent Outdoor Lighting

When searching for Regent outdoor lighting you will find it easy to navigate through the website of pictures and product details, even visit exhibitions held around the world.

You can contact the company through Facebook, twitter, phone, fax and email, making it easier to explain specifics and get answers about your order.

Languages spoken in the company include English, German, Italian and French. Rather than matching what others are doing, Regent is a trendsetter in the industry, working appeal, creativity and dependability into the design and operation of their products.

Outdoor Luminaires

The outdoor luminaires are among the products that have made this company Switzerland's market leader. Management additionally credits the personal commitment to customers and satisfaction in creating a more pleasing environment for the customer.

Looking through the online displays demonstrates the beauty and vision of lighting suitable for any business or entity. With a focus on safety and security, streets, gardens, and parks improve with various lights.

  • Recessed lighting on the ground direct focus on specific areas, while incredible architecture is highlighted with flexible projectors even during the darkest nights.
  • Ground level spotlights are stylish and adaptable, designed to cast their beam in several positions.

Ceiling, Wall and Pathway Surface Mounted Lighting

Decisions are difficult when searching through the quality demonstrated on the pages of the online catalog. The Bollard luminaire Polairy features a fluorescent compact lamp. The luminaire foot is die-cast aluminum. The housing and cover feature black painted aluminum. This is a slim, trim pole with the light set at the top.

Wall-mounted fixtures are equally beautiful, such as the wall-mounted Split LED in warm white or black die-cast aluminum. The frosted opalescent glass on the inside adds to the unique look of this smaller square light. A motion detector is part of the assembly.

Regent Court Three Light Outdoor Post Lantern in Walnut

Regent 35W High Pressure Sodium Medium Base (#LU35)

Regent PQS2504IN1 4 in 1 Halogen Portable Clamp Work Light

Protect Property with Vandal Proof Lighting

Featuring the ability for ceiling or wall mounting, the Marburg fixture has a fluorescent lamp, wide beam and stainless steel end pieces. The cable entry is from the rear. A special closure guards against unauthorized opening. In an era where respect for the property of others is limited, this light will stand firm against vandals.

Recessed Lighting for the Ceiling, Wall and Floor

A variety of shapes and covers are available, including wraparound features for wall corners. A halogen lamp is protected by an opal acrylic glass cover.

Outdoor Spots and Projectors

Stylish and convenient, the polished aluminum Barrel LED ground spotlight has a narrow beam and electronic control gear.

Extremely Effective Playing Field Lighting

Ready to light the playing field, lights include the Arena-vision floodlight with halogen metal-vapor lamp. It is housed in die-cast aluminum and features natural hardened glass with a stainless protective grill. The mounting bracket has a vertical adjustment. Regardless of the size of field and stands being lit, there are lights to successfully do the job.

Everyday Elements of Street Lighting

At the end of the day, lights become a priority in parks, outside of businesses and along walkways. The variety of styles in Regent outdoor lighting will satisfy the ambiance and decor of your exterior lighting needs.

The walkway luminaire Circle shines with 2 circular fluorescent lamps. The housing and cover are die-cast aluminum, as is the weather-proof mast. Standing above the area to be illuminated, the pole is unobtrusive and blends well with woodsy areas or open courts.

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