Outdoor String Lights

Stylish and trendy outdoor string lights have finally evolved so that anyone can have a delightful display of lights. Skill and knowledge regarding lighting and electrical are not required for those who look at completed sets and choose a string of Christmas lights or two.

Those who select ten plastic flip flop party string lights can hang the end from one post to another, letting it droop in the center while looking great! The colors and design make them perfect for any occasion.

Clear globe string lights come in a string of 25 and are suited for indoor and outdoor use. Spaced 12 inches apart, each socket has a clip to make hanging an easy task. Available with white or green wire, the lights fit any background while adding a special ambience to the landscape.

If you enjoy paper lanterns, they are a perfect match with these outdoor string lights. Create the festive atmosphere you seek by using the lantern colors desired. The white globe causes the lantern color to glow.

Summertime picnics and winter barbecues will have a cheerful atmosphere when the Aurora glow solar string lights cast their light while hanging from the eaves of the roof or edge of the patio cover. The six handcrafted amber glass bulbs attach to copper hanging hooks. The string length is 35 feet, with a clear space of two feet between each light.

     The solar collector is five inches by five inches in size. The luminescent lights glow for up to six hours and recharge during the day. They are not the average small bulb found on many outdoor string lights, as they have a height of 3 inches, width of 12 inches and depth of 3 inches.

A string of Christmas lights can take a variety of forms, such as the set of eight clear LED white dripping icicles on white wire. Quite realistic, the set delivers a look resembling the look of a dripping icicle. Each polar white bulb color gives a hint of blue to each nine-inch icicle. The string is seven feet long and features twelve inches of space between each icicle light.

Snowflakes are fun to see, particularly when they are a string of Christmas lights featuring ten clear twinkling snowflakes on white wire. Add a conversation piece to any event by placing them on fences, gates, posts, bushes or across the gutters on the roof to add delight to winter’s frosty nights or provide a bit of relief from a hot summer evening by thinking of winter coolness.

     There is twelve inches of spacing between the snowflakes and the drop is eight inches. These outdoor string lights have connectors at each end to allow the connection of extra sets up to 210 watts. If a bulb burns out, the rest of the set will stay lit until you have time to replace the one that is out.

The advent of twinkling mini outdoor string lights has changed the way people decorate outdoors. Once owners recognized the beauty and happy feeling outdoor lights provide, lighted yard and home themes became established.

There are just a few clues to use, such as not overpowering your lights. That results in drowning out colors, as well as possibly upsetting neighbors if they are too bright. Stick to a theme. If you have a large area with side yards, you can create a different light theme in each spot, if desired.

Read and follow instructions for lighting and get qualified assistance when needed, whether it is to climb the roof or hook up the wiring. The most important guideline, of course, is to enjoy your creativity and have fun finding and plugging in your anytime outdoor lights.

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