Outdoor Sign Lighting
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Serving as a beacon in the darkness, outdoor sign lighting identifies the location of your business and provides the message you want delivered to the public. Signs also draw attention during the day, particularly those that flash different designs and information.

Anyone that has ever started a business or been assigned the task of public relations within a business knows that printed and visual media delivers a statement to customers, contacts and passersby. Just like a business card, the sign should be colorful, uncluttered and give accurate information. Establishing your brand is an incredible side benefit.

Design and Structure

Because outdoor sign lighting is one of the most important and expensive items purchased by a business, the design and structure must be thought out in advance. Local ordinances may limit the size and amount of illumination.

It is tempting to cram as much as possible into that area. However, a simple message such as "Eat at Joe's" provides just what is needed: the nature and name of the business.

A commercial lighting expert is aware of regulations regarding signage and knowledgeable in what works best for your type of business and location.

The following options should be reviewed before choosing the sign best for your business:
  • Lamp style: The amount of light needed to make the sign stand out is dependent on the size of the parking lot, architectural considerations such as building shape, and surrounding landscape lighting.
  • Light Fixture: Architectural styles and mediums dictate the appropriate light fixture.
  • Color Rendering: The light should make the background of the sign or building, as well as the color of the sign lettering, show clearly rather than a blur from the distance.

Popular Styles of Sign Lighting

It is no surprise to realize gooseneck light fixtures are popular for lighting painted facades and signs. The flexible, long neck is slender and simple to angle. Light can be placed evenly over the sign or aimed precisely where it is needed. The traditional shape adds aesthetic appeal.

Another frequently used method of outdoor sign lighting is fluorescent lights. They are effective mounted vertically on a wall to highlight a brand or logo. Monument signs to the front or side of the building are displayed by lights mounted on the ground and directed at the display. The color rendering provided by fluorescent lights is remarkable.

Enjoy the variety offered by LED lamps, known for providing colorful, intriguing scrolling messages. Software lets the user create and save a number of messages. Use the remote control to display the program you want displayed. LED lights also perform better than neon lights in cold temperatures.

Flood lights are widely recognized for their ability to add brilliance to an area. They can be used to cast light across a surface or directed towards business logos or signs higher on the building, such as restaurants and chic boutiques.

Neon lights are recognized for their brilliant colors and quick recall between each flash. A big advantage is that the illumination from the neon sign is unaffected by ambient light around or positioned on it. In addition, the lights themselves can be molded into all types of shapes, displaying letters and artwork in different colors.

The above ideas are just the tip of the iceberg when considering outdoor sign lighting and the effect it will have on your business.

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