Outdoor Christmas Lighting Ideas
for a Sparkling Holiday Season

Outdoor Christmas lighting ideas, from the smallest cabin in the woods to the most spectacular locations in the world, such as the Champs-Elysees in France and the White House in Washington D.C., have been casting a spell for many decades.

There are several reasons for families and businesses to participate in the ideas for outdoor Christmas lights and the primary one is the artist that dwells in each of us.

There are several reasons for families and businesses to participate in the ideas for outdoor Christmas lights and the primary one is the artist that dwells in each of us.

Whether strangers, neighbors or family are approaching the house, the design and creativity is what reaches out to each one.

If you have flown at night during the Christmas season, you have looked down and seen thousands of homes with light displays of one type or another in the yard and on the house. It is beautiful. Those are the businesses and houses of towns and people whose names you may never know while at the same time remembering they shared the joy of the season with you.

Some HOAs spell out the rules for outdoor Christmas lighting ideas because they want their neighborhood to win the award. Other people live in neighborhoods or rural areas not confined by "laws" about outdoor lights. Depending on the size of your yard or open areas, there are many options open and it is just a matter of deciding what message you want to send to passersby.

Ideas for outdoor Christmas lights appear in magazines, pictures on the internet and online sites for Christmas. We often notice outdoor Christmas lighting ideas to use when walking or driving through neighborhoods during the season. For half of the world, it is a time of long nights, short days and extreme cold. The cheer of Christmas is even more welcome with lights ablaze outside.

Create a classic, elegant look with strings of white lights. Some shopping areas found customers like this idea and now leave the lights up and shining at night year-round, bringing attention to rooftops, walls, shrubbery and walkways.

Palm trees in Florida are particularly glamorous with outdoor Christmas lighting ideas such as this. Any tree in your yard will brighten the darkness and just a simple strand running up the trunk or across several branches is sufficient. There is no need to wrap each branch as you do the inside tree. If you want one special tree to be an outdoors tree, purchase or make large waterproof outdoor ornaments.

Create the illusion of flight by using taller trees that are close together to make a lighted scene appear as it is in the air, perhaps an angel watching from above or Santa flying with his reindeer.

Nearly everyone sees the front entry to your property, so consider adding lighting to poles, gates and the driveway. There are beautiful lighted wreaths for long fences out front, as well as candles and candy canes to cast a soft glow on pathways to the door.

Imagination rules with the many different colors and shapes of outdoor lights and designs. Graceful wicker deer and nativity scenes are awesome outdoor Christmas lighting ideas. Carolers sing a Christmas carol when the detector picks up motion within a certain distance and as darkness falls, lights shine from within to keep them in sight.

Brighten the holidays with a light-up, rosy-cheeked Santa, waving and wishing "Merry Christmas" to those who pass by.

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