Mission Style Outdoor Lighting
Celebrating a Unique Style and Art

One of the most beautiful home improvement projects is the installation of mission style outdoor lighting on the exterior walls, deck and porch ceiling and on posts around the yard. America is migrating back to the original concept of purchasing a home and staying in it forever, upgrading and improving the home and yard on a planned schedule.

Depending on the type of outdoor mission wall lights selected, this could be a hobby for years. You will learn much about this spectacular lighting style while looking for bargains on originals or copies of the lights.

Some people move into homes with mission style outdoor lighting and that starts their quest for more of the same. The lights add grace and beauty to the home without overwhelming the appeal of exterior features such as landscaping, bay windows and multi-level shake roofing.

Others might notice the quality and appeal of an interior swing-arm wall sconce attached to the wall on a bronze plate. The decorative glass and bronze lamp is free to move on the expandable arm so light covers the area where needed.

Known by other names like arts and crafts lighting and craftsman style lighting, the lights consist of rectangular shapes defined by metal and wood frames and clear or decorated colored glass. Mission style outdoor lighting is particularly intriguing because the rustic, simple design is so appealing. It is a style developed in the late 1800s and fit in perfectly with many of the homes built in newer territories, such as California and Texas.

Outdoor mission wall lights hang from chains and wooden beams or fit flush against walls with the frame jutting outwards to create a soft glow straight out and upwards. Pole and fence lighting are also familiar to many, thanks to Western-styled Christmas cards.

Even though mission style outdoor lighting is a perfect style for any home, the time and expense of finding just the right items can be overwhelming. Homeowners that are artisans and electricians will have a particularly good time attending online and physical site auctions, garage sales, estate sales and thrift stores in search of bargains.

Those qualified to rewire and upgrade the lights to modern codes or repair broken frames and cracked glass to restore the treasure to its original condition will save a lot of money on their purchase. If you locate a particular hard-to-find light, consider getting it even if someone else needs to restore it. Reputable artisans are available for that type of task and the pleasure of having your find restored properly is priceless.

Authentic sconces for mission outdoor wall lights, as charming as they are, may not be something you want to put outside your home. Most people prefer to put them on interior walls in a safer environment. Quality companies make excellent reproductions of mission style outdoor lighting and because they are new creations, the wiring and light fixture are ready to use.

There are a number of instructions to follow for installation of electrical outdoor lights. Fixtures might require drilling into the stucco exterior of your home. These are usually things better left to professionals familiar with codes, wires and proper installation.

When searching for mission style outdoor lighting to place around your home, stay in tune with other pieces installed in the past and determine ahead of time what the next item will be. That avoids overcrowding of fixtures in certain areas and allows you to add to the appeal of your home.

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