Halloween Outdoor Lights: Outdoor and Indoor 30 Feet Yellow LED Rope Light

by Donald

Up to 10 of these can be daisy-chained to make a 300 ft. rope light.

Yellow LED lamps never get hot - always cool to the touch.

Manufacturer Description

"30 ft length led Rope Light , 36 LEDs per yard,connectable,with power cord, used for indoor and outdoor.

You could use this Rope Light for architectural outline displays for Halloween and Christmas, accent eaves and create impeccable straight lines along roof tops.

outline items such as the Christmas tree or the illuminated Santa Claus. They are the professional's choice.

It does not have to be just for Christmas, instead designed to stay outdoors all year round, you can enjoy the rope light throughout the seasons and have the confidence that they will work from time to time again.

You could also save money while protecting the environment.

The LED lights will use 90% less electricity than conventional bulbs and last up to ten times as long.

The rope light has a simple connectable system designed by EVERHII. From just one plug add up to 10 sets. Your satisfaction is our first priority.

At Christmas time, being away from dangerous multiple plugs and trailing cables across the carpet or lawn.

Any time you decide to add more light, you could just add an extra set of connectible rope lights without any trouble.

These LED lights stay cool to the touch and never get hot, making them safer around your loved ones."

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